Hi friends!

This blog exists to entertain and educate our sweet readers with a glimpse into our creative world and everyday life… and today, it’s going to do a whole lot more than that.

Whom shall I fear? By Chris Tomlin

Today, our beloved blog is coming straight from the heart. Do you ever feel like God is telling you something- over and over and over? And then he tells you again? Well… today, we are saying “YES, Father! We hear you and we get it!” and we wanted to share it with you! Sometimes God puts something on our hearts merely so that we share it with others!

A few months ago, we were all at our desks (a rare occurrence) and were catching up on each other’s lives. Perks of working with sweet girls naturally include girl talk- I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Sometimes this involves what we did the night before, what our favorite bloggers are up to, and why the new Birkenstocks are awesome. Most of the time, it goes deeper and we share our lives, fears, and dreams with each other- a huge blessing!  After a few minutes of teary conversation that day, Ashley and I realized we were both feeling like something just wasn’t quite right. We have so many great things going on in our lives, but something wasn’t sitting right and we couldn’t put our finger on what it could be. Weird things were happening that were making us ask “Okay, what is going on here?!!” I was so glad I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. This unsettling feeling wouldn’t budge, nothing was going as planned, and this new studio we had worked so hard on and finally could enjoy was a place of complete chaos. I know you’re thinking… “you are crazy!!” and we might be- but if you have ever experienced something like this, you understand. We truly felt like someone or something was messing with us!

That same day, our sweet friend and fellow designer, Cindy Barganier stopped by and immediately knew that something wasn’t right. Our usual perky personalities had been replaced with nerves and fear. After a few minutes with her, we realized exactly what—and who—was trying to steal our joy. We realized that in moments of joy and excitement, Satan will do whatever he can to make you miserable. I really can’t explain what Ashley and I both were feeling without using the word “fear.”

Here’s where the story gets really good…

Amidst all of the anxious feelings and fear for what was going on, we kept hearing God tell us “DO NOT FEAR.” This happened over and over and then some more… and it’s still happening! Between the two of us, we read different devotions, get scripture sent to us daily, and go to two different churches… no kidding… almost every devotion, verse, and sermon for the past few months has had something to do with fear. Friends, this is not a coincidence!

I am the daughter of the King.

God uses trials, fears, and difficult situations to show us that he’s got everything under control!! Down to the music we heard in the car- everything was all about fear! Our prayers were that God would make his presence known in our homes, workplace, etc. and that we could enjoy his goodness without fear… as always God is good and knows exactly what we need! What a huge blessing!!

Sidenote: I have had this blog in “draft mode” for weeks just waiting on the perfect way to end it… and as usual, our Savior is full of surprises. Friday morning, Ashley had a voicemail from our sweet friend Cindy! She said that God had really placed it on her heart to tell us to read Psalm 91 while we are on our trip and that she wanted me to read the 23rd Psalm. Chills. As Ashley and I tearfully read these words, we felt a sense of peace in knowing that God is constantly protecting us! How cool is it that He uses people we love for His glory!? Our prayer is that God makes us and our work about so much more than interior design. THIS is what life is about- glorifying God and loving each other every step of the journey!

Hoping this post found you and touched your heart today! See you soon friends, our European adventure awaits… 🙂 Be sure to keep up with our trip on Facebook and Instagram using #AGIDdoesEurope