Hey PARISH friends! It has been a LONG time since I posted on the blog! It feels good to get my fingers moving again! As usual, it’s a nut house around here, but we are having so much fun watching Ashley and Jessica’s baby bumps grow each day. One of their favorite past-times these days is catching up on sleep! And I am not going to lie–I’m not pregnant, but sleeping is still very high on my list!

Upon waking each morning I am either looking at my ceiling, my husband (who am I kidding…he leaves for work an hour before I am even up) or my bedside table. This got me to thinking, what is on YOUR bedside table? I am a firm believer that what sits on that sacred piece of furniture can say a lot about your personality. This is a “what’s in your bag” kind of post, but designer style!


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If you asked Wright, he would say my bedside table is in complete disarray 99.9% of the time. This is true. But I would say it’s more like 50-60% of the time. On those days when it is gloriously void of coffee cups, wine glasses, and water bottles (the horror!) it holds some of my most treasured items.

A stack of devotionals and my Bible take up one corner. One of my personal favorites that I am in the process of re-reading is “Calm my Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow. I think I will do a book review on this soon–it is so good! I also have a ring dish because every night I take my rings off before I get in bed. It isn’t that pretty, but in that ring dish I also keep a tin of hand cream and some Burt’s Bees chapstick. Every evening when I crawl into bed I take some melatonin, (melatonin junky right here!) slather on some hand cream, smother my lips in Burt’s Bees and then settle in for some television before the melatonin kicks in.

Wright has a boxwood on his bedside table and I have a dried hydrangea for a more feminine feel. My favorite bedside accessories are the pictures of my family. They make me happy so every morning begins on the right note!


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Meagan and her husband recently renovated a home here in Montgomery and when I asked her what was on her nightstand she laughed and said “nothing”! I know you may be thinking how it is possible to work in PARISH and have an empty bedside table, but she said she has decided to hold off on accessorizing it because she isn’t crazy about her current tables and is waiting until she finds the ones she loves before making a commitment to bedside accessories. When she does have a full nightstand it usually holds the same as mine! A book, candle, ring holder, and a bud vase. Below are some of our favorite bud vases.






Great minds must think alike because Jessica’s nightstand features a tray which holds a ring dish and her current read, “Mom’s on Call”. I don’t know much about popular mom books, but this is one I have heard over and over from all of my friends who are moms!


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One of our favorite recommendations for bedside accessories in a guest room is fresh flowers, a candle, and a water carafe. PARISH has some like the one pictured below and it is such a nice touch for your guests. These make a great little gift for a friend just to make them smile or even for a housewarming gift!




We love this carafe. The top comes off and becomes a cup!

What makes up your bedside table toppers? Does your nightly routine or beauty inspire your accessory purchases? Or both? We would love to hear from you!

Until next time!