A Lot of “Happys” Around Here

Things have been crazy around here lately…whether it’s projects, sick babies, new employees or just life, we have barely had a chance to sit down and just breathe! This post serves as our “Happy Halloween” to y’all and our “Happy Birthday” to sweet Cates! Cates turned three on October 14. In honor of the big […]

Sick Days

“Sick day” has become the norm over here for almost a week. Sweet Rett woke up sick Wednesday night and was sick for the next two days and my Cates started last night. The stomach bug is my least favorite thing. Both had to be taken to the doctor to get a zofran shot. […]

An INSTA-Obsession

This day and age everyone is on some type of social media! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or our latest favorite, Instagram, smartphones have allowed us to stay in touch and in “the know” 24-7! Whether you enjoy posting pictures of every cute face your baby makes, dinners that make everyone you know drool, […]

The new “New” girl…

Hey y’all! Looks like Jessica wasn’t the new girl long because now that’s my unofficial title! My husband and I have a dental assisting school here in Montgomery, but I was looking for something different and fun to do a few days a week and I found myself at AFGID! I’m having so much […]