Week 7 already? Goodness, where has the time gone? I guess the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is true. Between custom jobs, manning Parish, yummy sweet treats, and baby shopping; there is never a dull moment around here. Now that we know Amanda is having a boy, the baby shopping and […]


Last July, Ashley, Amanda, and I went on a field trip to Market and fell in love with Skyros Dishes. So much so that we could not come home without them!

One day when I actually have a house, I am determined have these dishes in my kitchen.

We carry two lines: Historia & Legado. Not […]


Well Paul and I are excited to share with all of our readers that we are having a sweet little boy!!  I am engulfing myself in visions of blue, skinned knees, footballs, and sweet smelly hugs!!  We could not be more excited!!

I will keep you guys posted on the nursery.  I am in full […]


This week Intern Rachael comes to you with some exciting news. Well, we hope it’s exciting news, I guess its for you guys to decide. The lovely ladies at PARISH have spent the last year working on a website. A place where you all can shop and order some of our beautiful merchandise. We […]

Remodel Tricks of the Trade

Many of you have heard me moan and groan over the design challenges 704 Felder Ave has presented…  Here are a few quick design tricks for those of you who like a good remodel.

The kitchen at 704 Felder was your typical old school kitchen with the wonderful windows that are only 28″ off the ground.  Typical […]