Beautiful Bathrooms

Lately we find ourselves designing a lot of bathrooms! So I decided to share some pictures that inspire us throughout the design process….

Chandeliers are obviously a reoccurring trend!

Now here are some bathroom’s designed by AFGID….

Friday Absolute FAVORITE Time of the Year

It’s Christmas!!!  My absolute most favorite time of the year.  The tradition at the Gilbreath house is to go Christmas tree shopping the morning after Thanksgiving (rule: have to go in the morning because you want the best tree).  I have a few tree stipulations… tree must be 10′ tall, must be a Fraser Fir, has to […]

BIG News!

Happy Wednesday!!! I know most of you gearing up for Thanksgiving and probably busy cleaning house, baking pecan pies, and preparing for family to arrive, but we want to share a little Happy News with all our loyal Parish & AFGID followers. Ashley and her gypsy self has done it again– WE’RE MOVING! Yup! […]

Fun Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday! We made it through yet another week. Thanks be to God!

Here are some of the fabulous things I saw on Pinterest this week. When possible, I’ve noted the source of the find as the caption in the photo.

Finally, a bit of news. This will be my last post as a regular Parish […]

Bob Seger at the BJCC

Tuesday night I headed up to Birmingham with my boyfriend’s awesome parents to see the one and only legend BOB SEGER in concert. The last time Sonny’s parents saw Seger was in Birmingham in…1978…and they were as eager to get back as we were to see him for the first time.

You know Bob’s music. […]