Our Fall Favorites

If you haven’t picked up on our obsession with fall yet, examples here and here, we’re reminding you once again that we really cannot get enough of this season. Since Halloween signals our annual goodbye to the warmer days of October and ushers us right on in to the chilly month of November, […]

Fun Fashion Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

In honor of my new insane 5 inch killer (hopefully I literally won’t die in them, but I did break a wrist in some similar to this once…) platforms that just arrived at my doorstep via Macy’s, I’ve decided to share some of my current fashion loves with you.

First, the shoes that […]

A little happy…

In my opinion, there are few things better than finding a little unexpected good design detail. We have been at Alys Beach this week for a Gilbreath Family vacation and stayed in a great house…actually there isn’t a not great house in Alys. Here are a few pics of one of the bathroom tub/showers. The shower […]

Decorating in Black and White

There’s just something ab0ut decorating in black and white that is so glamorously chic and elegant.

Maybe it’s the stark contrast. Maybe it has something to do with fashion and the way society has shaped our views of the two hues. Black equals sophistication while white tends to evoke thoughts of purity. Combining the two […]


Headboards are one of the best ways to make an impact in a bedroom. Here at Parish we LOVE a good upholstered headboard – there’s no denying it – so here are a few favorites of mine:

The downside to upholstered headboards is that they are not always the cheapest things to come by. The […]