Cocktail Tables that Double As Storage

One of the great features of a cocktail table that doubles as a storage chest equals a CLUTTER FREE LIVING AREA. Seriously, I cannot think of a better option for a family with small children. When it is playtime, the cocktail table opens up and deposits a slew of toys to the area. Once […]

Friday Favorite – Ashley’s Home Renovations

What’s up Friday Favorite readers!

Today we’re kicking off a new little series we’d like to call “Ashley’s Home Renovations” that will lead you through the long and meticulous process Ashley and Barrett went through to get their home to its current pristine and gorgeous state.

As most things that have been a little loved on […]

Fabrics of the Week

A lot of what we work with at the studio involves fabrics.

Come visit us and you’ll notice that we only have an entire wall devoted to them.

In addition to our daily client meetings, consultations, order inquiries, general office duties and blogging, we sometimes get little presents that come in packages that look a little […]

FONTS 1 0 1

In college, one of my favorite things I learned was how to download fonts. It is so simple, but I never knew that fonts other than those that came with my computer were even an option. As you will see, my font knowledge has grown since then – I even used these fonts to […]

Friday Favorite – Finally, Our Big Giveaway!

Dear Readers,

We’ve been anxiously anticipating the day when we could say we’ve reached our short term “likes” goal on our Parish Facebook page. Well, dear friends, that day has come and we’re exited to give away one of our “Handcrafted from Yesteryear” frames.  After we featured them in their very own blog post, we […]