Friday Favorite

Today’s Friday Favorite is dedicated to one of our sweet and wonderful friends, Mr. Evan Cooper, President and CEO of Cooper Cupcakes.
Launched in Montgomery in 2010, Mr. Evan bakes each and every individual one of the River Region’s hidden gems:
Evan came to Parish yesterday morning and brought Ashley and […]

Nashville&Franklin, Tennessee

This past weekend, my mom and I took a trip up to Nashville to celebrate my sister Caroline’s birthday and cheer her on in her very first triathlon: The Music City Triathlon. I admittedly know nothing at all about this world of competitive racing – why anyone would want to exert such physical demands […]

Before & After

In response to a number of requests, here are some before and after shots of a recent project. Before, the space lacked structure and needed some serious interest! Our goal was to give it a more defined style and arrange it in a much more functional manner. See what you think.

We began […]

Why, Yellow There!

Paired with gray, creamy neutrals, or white, yellow enlightens any room with its happy and sunny hue. No matter the time of year, the season, weather conditions outside, or your particular mood for any given day-yellow is pretty much guaranteed to evoke a “sunnier-side up” outlook on the world.  Simply glance at some of […]

the intern diaries

I can’t believe it’s been nine weeks since my internship started – time has flown by! It’s safe to say that my favorite thing to do after a long day at the studio is spending the weekend at the lake. Almost every weekend of mine this summer has been spent at one lake or […]